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* NOTE: The prize indicated to the left is based on discussions you have with your parent, friend or yourself, depending upon your personal circumstances. Software Masters, Inc. does not furnish any prizes.

Operation Subtraction
1st Problem Range 0 to 8
2nd Problem Range 0 to 8
# of Problems 25
# of Minutes 2
Prize Go to the Movies*

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(1) Change number ranges You could increase the multiplication numbers to 12, or 26. By doing so, you could learn your 12 times tables, or whatever times table you like.
(2) Change prizes You could change the chocolate milkshake prize to an apple pie.
(3) Change allowed minutes After you have mastered answering 100 multiplication problems in 5 minutes, you could reduce the allowed minutes to 4 and increase the value of the prize.
(4) Save history of successes You can track your progress.

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