Math For Prizes
The Power of Self-Directed, Incentive Learning

Why is Math for Prizes so much more exciting and effective than other learning tools?

It's because you don't have to apply pressure to your child or student to use it. All you do is designate an appropriate prize, tell them that you agree to provide the prize if they meet the challenge, get out of their way, and leave them alone to earn it! No prodding, no reminders, no encouragement, no arguments, just the excitement of learning.

Your child or student will work for hours, days, and even weeks, if needed, to learn the math well enough to earn the prize. To earn the prize, they must correctly answer the specified number of problems within the specified time frame. Once they do, you can proudly deliver the prize. The prize can be a milkshake, a shopping trip, or whatever you think will drive them to success. For example, they could earn a milkshake for answering 100 random multiplication problems in less than 5 minutes. (You will not believe how long and hard someone will work on a challenge to earn a homemade milkshake!)

By becoming a member, you will be able to change the number ranges, the number of problems, the allowed minutes, and the prizes, as often as they like. Once your child or student can consistently earn their milkshake (or other prize), you can reduce the allowed minutes to four (or increase the number of required problems), and increase the value of the prize. They will again work endlessly, without your prompting, to earn their new prize. The key is in your selection of an appropriate prize that justifies the hard work to earn it.

You will also notice that we have a minimum number of graphics. We could have used all the fancy graphics that you are used to on other websites, but we did not want in any way to slow down students that might be using a slower connection. We have tried to do everything possible to make the site as easy and quick to use as possible.

FREE to all visitors!!!
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division problems.
  • Preset number ranges from 0 to 8.
  • Unlimited Practice of random problems.
  • Earn preset prizes in Go For The Prize.
Member benefits ($14.95)
  • Same features as “FREE to all visitors”, plus…
  • Ability to change and save the number ranges, the number of required problems, the allowed minutes, and the prizes.
  • Ability to save and view the results history.


IT REALLY WORKS!!! Math for Prizes has been written up in national magazines, and we have received testimonials from around the world. Math for Prizes enables you to provide an exciting, no pressure (by you) tool where your children and students can quickly and effectively learn their math. Once they do, you won’t believe the attitude, confidence, and most imporantly, the grades they will achieve in school. If you don't agree, or you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund within your first 60 days of joining.

Finally, we will soon begin our Affiliate Program, please check back often.

Also, the following additional programs will soon be available.

  • Fractions for Prizes
  • Vocabulary for Prizes
  • English for Prizes
  • History for Prizes
  • Spanish for Prizes
  • Stocks for Prizes

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