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History of Math for Prizes

Math for Prizes has been meeting the needs of young students for many years. It was also written up in a National magazine, and has been sold around the world. It is a great way for children to learn on their own without all the prodding normally required by parents.

Ready to Learn?

User Instructions

Parent or Teacher Initial Setup
  1. Join Every.CITY (free)
  2. From Resident Admin, click Application Members
  3. Add child as a Member to create their Login ID and password
  4. Configure Member criteria like prize, time, problems, etc.
Member Practice and Earn Prizes
  1. Navigate to your City in the Family Specialty Website
  2. Login with your Login ID and password
  3. Select Practice or Go For The Prize
  4. Keep working until you earn your prize
  5. Print/screen capture Certificate and claim your prize
To see the full User Manual, click >HERE.

State Capitals for Prizes

Need to learn your State Capitals -- either from State to Capital, or Capital to State. This is the program for you.